Sunday, 11 June 2017

Shadowrun Player Hospitalised After Rolling Too Many D6

Sarah Miller, 29 from Bristol, has been playing in the same Shadowrun campaign for over four years now but the groups last session had to end short after Sarah caused dislocated her elbow trying to throw the required amount of dice to make a skill check in the game.

"It was horrible" Sarah said "I've never felt pain like it! I was just trying to get my Dwarf Decker to do some hacking."

Carl Willis, the GM in this particular campaign said "it was terrible.  We told her not to roll them all at once but she said she had to.  She said she could take the strain but her elbow clearly couldn't."

Staff at the local A&E said "This is actually a very common complaint.  We see maybe 3-4 roleplayers a month with dislocated joints after particularly long sessions of Shadowrun.   We all know Tennis Elbow is recognised as a serious ailment but we need to let people know about the dangers of Shadowrun Elbow"

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