Monday, 13 November 2017

Gamer So Furious about New Necromunda That They Will Only buy 4 Copies.

Stewart Perkins - a 34 year old wargamer from London - is so furious about the new edition of Games Workshops skirmish game Necromunda he has decided to only buy half the amount of copies of the core box then he usually would.

"I mean look at it,  it's a board game - I know the designers of the game and Games Workshop have said it isn't but it looks like a board game so it must be one."  Stewart said " It's not exactly how I remember it so it'll obviously be terrible"

"I think everything is wrong about this game so I will only spend a couple of hundred quid on it.  I have everything about it.  I hate the fact that it's not a complete game,  I will have to buy a separate book on the day of release to play the full game,  yeah I know they have said that the main box is a full game but I think it's not so how can it be a full game?" Stewart continued.

"I'm just sick of people being positive about something that I don't like the look of!"  Stewart was last seen pre-ordering extra miniatures for his set of Necromunda.  "I'm so furious about the scale creep as well" he was heard saying.

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