Tuesday, 17 January 2017

40K player still angry about Age of Sigmar for some reason

Warhammer 40,000 player Ian Cooper is still incandescent with rage that Games Workshop changed Warhammer Fantasy Battles to Warhammer:  Age of Sigmar despite it being a year and a half since the change.

A Stormcast Eternal that Ian still calls a Sigmarine.
"Why would they do this to me?" Ian said recently "Why would they change a game that I barely ever played?  People loved Warhammer Fantasy Battles, not me mind, I only ever played it once and found it a bit stale, but some people loved that game apparently!"  

Mr Cooper, 29, was so angry about the update of the game he was physically shaking as he spoke.  "Four pages of rules!? It's almost as if they are trying to make the game appeal to children!"  Ian said while spending his Christmas money on some new plastic toy soldiers.  "Surely it's not a real game unless you have to cross reference between three to four different books to field one army!"

"I obviously make my feelings known online about Age of Sigmar"  Ian continued "I even joined the Age of Sigmar fan page on Facebook just to talk smack about it to the people that play it.  This has to be the best way to get people to come and play 40k with me right?" 

When asked if he had even played Age of Sigmar Mr Cooper got defensive "Well, I haven't actually played it but I have read the rules and all the Warscrolls - that Games Workshop have provided for free - and I just felt so cheated.  Why are Games Workshop being so selfish and greedy?"

When asked if Games Workshop will take 40k  in a similar direction to Age of Sigmar Ian burst into a fit of rage and began to explain that he would leave the game behind and play something else if GW did such a thing.  "...but that would bring new people into the game of 40k,  that's the last thing we need!"  he said while storming out of the room.

Games Workshop were contacted but refused to comment...obviously.

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