Sunday, 22 January 2017

Board Gamer in Training to Unbox their new Fantasy Flight Board Game

Duncan Clarke,  a board gamer from Kent in the UK has started their strenuous workout regime in preparation for unboxing their most recent board game purchase.  

"I recently picked up a copy of Arkham Horror.   It's been sitting on my shelf for since I bought it and I thought it was about time I face the task of opening it." Mr Clarke, 27, said already sweating at the idea of the mammoth task.  "When I got the X-COM Board Game I didn't prepare before hand and was bed bound for almost a week after I punched out all the components.  I think it has done irreparable damage to my thumbs,"

Hand Squeezy things
"I've been weight lifting, doing sit-ups and using one of those hand squeezr things you see in films.  I never understood what they were for but now I am convinced that they were made for intensive board game unboxing training" Duncan said "The training has been going great so far,  my trainer thinks I should be ready to full unbox the game in three to six weeks...about the same amount of time it will take to set up and play a game of it!"

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