Thursday, 26 January 2017

Argument about Line of Sight Reaches Day Four

Two wargamers have been locked in a fierce debate about Line of Sight for four days now. 

One example of how the debate could get resolved.

Adrian Smee and Andy Mills, both 29 from London, have been arguing about whether one model can shoot at another during miniatures wargame at their local games club.  Adrian said "we were having a great time playing at first,  my army was winning but when one of his models wanted to shoot at one of my guys holding an objective I was convinced there was no line of sight!"

Andy replied "I got down on my knees and took a models eye view and everything,  I could clearly see the muzzle of the gun on the model"
"Yeah but that doesn't count!" Adrian snapped back before we had to break them apart.

When a fellow patron of the games club suggested that "It doesn't really matter, just roll a dice for it" they were quickly shut down and ejected from the building.

The debate is ongoing...


  1. It actually doesn't count... There's a specific ruling for it. Otherwise those carrying banners could be seen from pretty much everywhere

    1. You have assumed what game they are playing in this 100% genuinely true story!

  2. Use a laser pointer ,army painter do them great for line of sight just point from firing model if it hits opposing model then "bang you dead"