Thursday, 19 January 2017

Wargamer Finally finishes 2015's New Year project

Avid Wargamer Anne Shaw has finally finished her new years project from 2015,  a personal record.

"I can't believe I actually finished it! I'm so proud of myself!" Anne said "I knew doing a whole Kings of War Goblin Army was going to be a stretch but I finished it in record time! My 2013 new year project is still setting half painted on my table." Miss Shaw looked extremely pleased with her achievement as she spoke "Now all I have to do is get working on my 2016 project..."

"Once that's done it's time for all my other projects to finish." Anne continued "My Infinity gang,  my 40k  Tau army, my Deadzone Enforcers, my Dropzone Commander starter set,  my Bolt Action Soviet Army,  my Malifaux gang,  My Vikings for Saga,  My Blood Bowl and Guild Ball Teams, my Age of Sigmar Nurgle Rotbringers army of course...."

When asked if she will ever find time to finish all her projects Anne replied "Only if they ever stop bringing out awesome looking games,  and that's bound to happen soon right? Right?  RIGHT!?"

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  1. HAHAHA.
    I have projects from the 1980's not finished....